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About Us

NRCM was started out of necessity as the founder of a healthcare technology and remote care company noticed the lack of education and ability among many billing companies across the country.

Many providers are receiving an inferior service and not being educated as to how to maximize reimbursement, making it only harder to run their business.

NRCM acts as a consultant to educate providers on the numerous ways to compliantly maximize profitability while keeping billing costs low through the use of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence.

We are here to help. Give us a call
We are here to help

Gain visibility

With proprietary technology, NRCM will provide you with enhanced visibility.

Increase Collections

With expert consulting, NRCM will help you increase your revenue.

Get Paid faster

Leveraging AI, NRCM's automation will help you get paid faster.

Let’s grow your practice